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In two months, I am ending my full-time legal work and starting a part-time practice (i.e., working on only 4 clients). Over the summer, I will be transitioning the rest of my workload to another attorney in the office. As part of this change, my boss has decided (for good, logical and rational reasons) to put that attorney in my current office and move me into a different one.

Today, our firm’s interior designer came in to start measuring my office for the other attorney’s desk, etc. I felt like crying. more…



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“IHD” is a term that my 7 year-old son* and I learned from another family at diabetes camp. It stands for “I Hate Diabetes” and we use it to let each other know when we’re having a moment, an hour or a day when we’re absolutely fed up with diabetes. (We recently added another version “IHC” – “I Hate Celiac”). He painted a rock at camp with the letters “IHD” which he put in his room. He told me he would point at the rock when he wanted me to know that’s what he was feeling (hallelujah! major expression breakthrough!)

Last night I had a total IHD moment more…


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I am not a yogini. I have not studied Hinduism. But I am newly intrigued by the concept of chakras.

It all began several months ago when Breck mentioned that when I get inspired all my chakras “light up.”  I don’t know exactly what he was seeing, but I knew, by my own sensations, the phenomenon he was describing. more…


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I participate in a weekly group seminar. It’s usually run by Breck, but since his heart attack, his friend Alan, who is also a coach/consultant, has been leading the group. The group is basically an ongoing group conversation about where each of us is struggling, having trouble moving forward, stuck in a pattern, etc. Breck, Alan and other group members help us to recognize self-defeating behaviors or patterns that we can’t see for ourselves.

Last night, we talked about what attributes we act like we have but really don’t.  more…


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Yesterday I had my first session with Breck since his heart attack. He looks thin and a bit pale, but his vitality and sharp thinking were back. We spent the first half of the session talking about his heart, how he’s feeling and the fact that he’s headed into a major procedure on his heart this Friday (it’s called “ablation” and my surface understanding is that they solder damaged tissue back together). He said he’s not scared about the procedure, but I am.

I felt a huge weight lifted off my chest after getting to share with Breck about how scared I was that he would die. I told him about starting a blog and about some projects that David and I are working on. It wasn’t our most “productive” session (whatever that means), but it was so amazing just to have that space to think together and be together again.


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My friend Lauri has a blog about her passion: edible gardening. I am not (yet) a gardener myself, but I enjoy visiting her blog daily to enjoy the beautiful photographs, to feel a little bit closer to nature and to get a small dose of one of my favorite people.


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I did the coolest, girliest thing a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine introduced me to stylist Tiffany Wendel, who came to my house and did a “closet consultation.” She and I spent three hours weeding through my clothes, deciding what to send to Goodwill, putting together outfits and taking photos (all while she magically reorganized my closet , by the way).  At first, I was very embarrassed to have her pulling out and judging the items in (and the state of) my closet. But Tiffany’s charm and warmth quickly put me at ease. She even gave me red carpet posing tips, which I used to ham it up while she snapped pictures of outfits. She used the photos we took to put together a book of outfits for me. She also wrote out a list of key items she thought would upgrade my wardrobe.  It was really fun and getting dressed in the morning is now a new and improved experience!