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I did the coolest, girliest thing a couple of weeks ago. A friend of mine introduced me to stylist Tiffany Wendel, who came to my house and did a “closet consultation.” She and I spent three hours weeding through my clothes, deciding what to send to Goodwill, putting together outfits and taking photos (all while she magically reorganized my closet , by the way).  At first, I was very embarrassed to have her pulling out and judging the items in (and the state of) my closet. But Tiffany’s charm and warmth quickly put me at ease. She even gave me red carpet posing tips, which I used to ham it up while she snapped pictures of outfits. She used the photos we took to put together a book of outfits for me. She also wrote out a list of key items she thought would upgrade my wardrobe.  It was really fun and getting dressed in the morning is now a new and improved experience!


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