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I am not a yogini. I have not studied Hinduism. But I am newly intrigued by the concept of chakras.

It all began several months ago when Breck mentioned that when I get inspired all my chakras “light up.”  I don’t know exactly what he was seeing, but I knew, by my own sensations, the phenomenon he was describing.

I went on a chakra crash course, which consisted of looking up each of the 7 chakras on Wikipedia, cutting out their symbols and pasting them in my journal along with notes and descriptions on each one.

I’m sure that all of my chakras can use some “opening up”, but it’s very clear to me that my heart and my solar-plexus are the most “blocked”.  Any anxiety, fear, disappointment or hurt goes straight to one of those 2 regions. On the physical side, I can feel that my muscles get tight and my breath gets shallower. On the mental/emotional side, I get inflexible and my access to my instincts and wisdom shut down.

Over the last several years, I have done a lot of work on reducing the excess noise and commentary in my head, which has resulted in my ability to be much more present in the moment.  A by-product of getting out my head, however, has been that my awareness of my physical body and how it influences my thoughts and emotions has recently come crashing to the forefront.

I am ready to take this on, to open up those chakras and to find more freedom in my physical body.  Today I called to make an appointment with a therapist who has trained in somatic work.  My cousin, who is also a therapist, suggested that I also look into bioenergetics.



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