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“IHD” is a term that my 7 year-old son* and I learned from another family at diabetes camp. It stands for “I Hate Diabetes” and we use it to let each other know when we’re having a moment, an hour or a day when we’re absolutely fed up with diabetes. (We recently added another version “IHC” – “I Hate Celiac”). He painted a rock at camp with the letters “IHD” which he put in his room. He told me he would point at the rock when he wanted me to know that’s what he was feeling (hallelujah! major expression breakthrough!)

Last night I had a total IHD moment when we tested our son at bedtime and his blood glucose was at 340 (i.e., milligrams per decilitre — target range is 80-120 mg/dL). We have been battling high blood glucose levels for a couple of weeks now and as good as I think we are at managing this disease, it is always one step ahead of us.

Remember how I feel like I should be great at everything? Well, we are 6-1/2 years into our journey with our son’s diabetes, and I am still coming to terms with the fact that I am NOT as good as a pancreas. For those of you unaffected by Type 1 diabetes, thank your pancreas (and the pancreases of those you love) for doing such miraculous and marvelous work at managing your blood glucose levels day in and day out. Trust me. Your pancreas deserves the appreciation.

Our son went to a new (non-diabetes) day camp this week. Even though our nanny will go there to check him and give him insulin a few times during the day, I am always anxious when I hand him over to a new set of uninitiated caregivers. I got a perspective check, however, when I learned that there is a 6 year-old girl attending the camp who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes just 3 weeks ago! I know her parents are likely still in shock and it must feel insane to drop her off at camp for the day. I told the camp director to give her parents our phone number.

I hope they get in touch. At some point, we can tell them about IHD days.

*He was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at 10 months old.

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