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In two months, I am ending my full-time legal work and starting a part-time practice (i.e., working on only 4 clients). Over the summer, I will be transitioning the rest of my workload to another attorney in the office. As part of this change, my boss has decided (for good, logical and rational reasons) to put that attorney in my current office and move me into a different one.

Today, our firm’s interior designer came in to start measuring my office for the other attorney’s desk, etc. I felt like crying.

I know this move is a result of the choice that I am making. This is what I want. But it is still hard. I have probably spent as many waking hours in this office over the past 8 years as I have in my own home. It feels like I’ll be leaving behind a big chunk of my life when I move out of it. But maybe that’s the point?

Actually, that’s exactly the point! In the coming months, I will spend less time in the office and more time at home, in the car with the kids, in the parking lot afterschool, at playdates and OUTSIDE!

I know I still have a good cry coming at some point soon over this little office move (I can feel it in there). But I also know that the stuff coming after the cry is going to feel great.


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