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It feels weird to be at the office right now. I am in limbo. In transition between full-time and the dramatically reduced schedule that will start after labor day. I have (sort of) adjusted to my new physical office space, but I am now watching my boss call upon other people to do many of the things I used to do. I still have plenty of work, but I am not bursting at the seams. It’s interesting how bursting at the seams (i.e., constantly having people need to talk to me, need me to review something, need my input) can really make me feel important, essential, irreplaceable. And yet, during the last couple of weeks, I have started to be replaced. I am, in fact, fungible (no, not in an intrinsic, spiritual sense, but in the workplace). My experience of this shift is 1/2 exhilaration at my new freedom and 1/2 panic that my work life as I know it is going out of existence.

(Stay present. Breathe. This is the path. I chose it. It is good.)



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I had dinner with some close friends last night. We started talking about my blog and one of them suggested that what he thought would be compelling in my writing (and what would make him more interested in reading it) would be that I was more transparent about my thought process while I was writing. So I wouldn’t prepare a post by writing, editing and making it a “finished” product (which is what I do now), but I would just write and let the reader know how I feel when I’m writing it, when I think I’ve said something that I wish I hadn’t, etc. This sounds like a great idea to me given that the point of my blog is essentially to describe the process of my transformation. It also sounds incredibly hard to actually do. more…


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I was reading The Way of Action this morning, and I came across the following sentence: “There is no greater teacher than daily life: everything can teach us something, and if we are bored with it, or feel frustrated in its grip, the fault is within us and not within the circumstance.” more…


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I am taking my son to a new day camp this morning. It’s run by UCLA Family Commons and is intended to promote social and emotional intelligence in boys while they play games, do martial arts and have fun at the beach. I am optimistic that it will be an incredible experience for him; however, he is very scared about going.  My son takes a while to warm up to new experiences and reacts strongly if anything gives him discomfort. He is currently stating “I AM NOT GOING.” I know my work right now is to stay calm and connected. If my anxiety about his anxiety gets too activated, then it will obviously be more difficult to help him calm down and find his confidence.  Stay tuned . . . more…


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For years, I have been working on the elusive ideal of being more present.  Having children really brought this concept to the forefront for me. When my oldest child started walking around at 10 months-old, the first thing she wanted to do when she woke up in the morning was to take a walk around the neighborhood.  At first, this seemed like a great idea, but I quickly learned that a “walk” meant stopping every 5 seconds to look at a bug, pick up a leaf or examine a rock.  This drove me absolutely nuts. more…


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Last night Breck returned to the seminar for the first time since he had his heart attack in May. He didn’t lead the seminar, because his energy isn’t quite there yet, but he shared for almost an hour about his experiences over the past 2-1/2 months. more…


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I got home from NY last night. David left for NY this morning. (Tag you’re it!)

I’m facing day 2 in my new office. It’s feeling MUCH better today.

Here is great talk by author/speaker Brene Brown that my friend Tracy forwarded to me awhile back. I like watching it from time to time when I need an inspirational boost.

Does anyone besides me want desperately to attend the TED conference one of these days?!?