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I’m really fed up with how easily I sell myself out.

A few days ago, I was on my way home when I got a call from a client who told me he thought I was wrong about some information I had given him about his deal. I panicked and spent the rest of my drive home beating myself up for being stupid and wondering how I could have been so irresponsible as to relay the information without being more certain. When I got home and looked up the information, I discovered I had actually been correct all along.

Any time something I’ve done at work is investigated or questioned (let alone challenged), I immediately assume I did something terribly wrong and plummet into self-recrimination. Of course I make mistakes sometimes. However, most of the time that I have this kind of panic, it turns out that I did everything just fine.  Yet, I never even give myself 50/50 odds.

I wonder what it would feel like to give myself the benefit of the doubt.


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