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I have had a lovely couple of days in New York. I have felt so spoiled staying in a beautiful little room with an amazing view at a trendy hotel in SOHO. In addition to working, I have had time to wander around SOHO and the village (including my old NYU law school stomping grounds) and to see a couple of dear friends.

It’s so luxurious to travel by myself. Navigating through the airport is a piece of cake. I can actually sleep on the plane. I always know exactly where everything is in my hotel room. I even have time to read the newspaper.

Next week, we’re coming back to NY for a family vacation. That means herding all 5 of us through security, answering “are we there yet” about 100 times (per hour), toting games, books, pens, food, pillow pets, snack and ipods, worrying about losing any number of such items at any location at which we stop for over 30 seconds and never having a minute of peace and quiet.

I can’t wait.*

*David thought I was being sarcastic, but I meant it sincerely.

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