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One of my commitments on this vacation is to choose creativity over my own convenience. This means allowing and/or assisting the kids in creating, building, designing, etc. even when such activities create mess, uncertainty and potential disappointment (all of which create anxiety in me). I really have to fight the urge to say “no” when the kids want to do things like build forts, get out the paints, bury themselves in the sand or glue things together. And yet, it goes without saying that I want my children to explore the world, be creative and push boundaries.

Today, the girls decided to invent a special surprise snack for the family. I left them to their own devices in the kitchen while I sat on the beach (it helped that I was out of ear shot and engrossed in a book). To my pleasant surprise, they didn’t destroy the kitchen (in fact they barely made a mess!) and they introduced the family to “Healthy Peanut Butter Cups” (i.e., Tostito “scoops” with Nutella and peanut butter . . . Look out Walking Taco!). I was skeptical, but they are surprisingly tasty.


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