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We’re in a post-summer-camps-post-vacation-pre-start-of-school lull. It’s heavenly. We don’t have to wake up to an alarm. Instead of getting kids dressed and packing lunches, we hang out together, talk and listen to music while David cooks breakfast. Once the dishes are cleared, the kids wander off to play a game, read a book or practice piano (because they have to do that before they are allowed any time on the computer). This morning I sat with my son and helped him to learn the left hand of “Rockin’ Robin.” When I mentioned that he was about ready to put the right and left hand parts together, he said “Only if you are here to help me!!” Not too long ago that would have made my heart sink as I contemplated the unlikelihood of my being present during his piano practice. But it’s a new world. . . and one which includes my fair share of piano practices, homework, carpools and dance classes. Right now it sounds completely wonderful. I know that after a while, the novelty will fade and it will just turn into my new routine, but I really hope I can stay aware of how delicious it is for my kids to want me around.


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  1. Having the freedom of going part time is the delicious part. It is truly a blessing!


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