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So today was it. I was finally going to experience the lovely flexibility and carefree life of not going to the office. My plan was to drop the kids off at their second day of school, go to an exercise class, run some errands, go to my therapist, do some reading and then pick the kids up from school.  What a nice plan that was.  The universe had other plans for me. Last night, when I was tucking my 9 year-old into bed, she complained that her head had been itching . . . Oh no. Oh yes! Lice Round #2.  So instead of the day we had planned, we declared a “Family Lice Holiday.”  Since 8:00 last night we’ve been combing and washing and combing and vacuuming and combing and bagging-up and combing and boiling and combing and combing and combing (with a few movies thrown in to help maintain our sanity and our senses of humor). I did the combing from 8 – midnight last night and I let the professionals take over this morning. We are doing everything in our power to avoid Round #3.  For the next week or so, you’ll smell our tea tree oil long before you ever see us coming.







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  1. As they say “We make plans and God laughs at us.”


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