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  • Today marks the end of the first week of my new life. So far so GOOD. I’m still figuring it out, but I feel 100% sure that I’m in the right place or at least on the right path.
  • This week Breck led his first Wednesday night seminar since his heart attack. It was great and he’s doing incredibly well (I feel so grateful for that!). Breck posed the question “What should you stop doing?”  Although it took some getting to, the answer for me was “Stop being so serious.”  Apparently (and unbeknownst to me) I am actually a playful person who mistakenly thinks she needs to be serious about everything.
  • I’m doing a 5 week on-line class called Path Finder with a woman named Karen Walrond who has a great blog called CHOOKOOLOONKS. I found Karen’s class through Brene Brown’s blog. It just so happens that Karen left her law practice after 14 years (and without a plan) to explore living a more creative life (hmmmm, sound familiar?) AND she decided to lead class about “creating your own beautifully different life” which just happened to start this past Monday. This class was meant for me.  This week she has guided us through several journal exercises intended to help us distill the activities and themes that inspire us. I’m excited because I have come up with five words that describe the underlying motives behind 90% of the things I love to do: CONNECT, PAUSE, TOUCH, EVOLVE and RISK (or “CoPTER” because my brain can’t not make up an acronym).  I’m not sure what Karen’s going to have us do with our words, but I like just having identified that these are the actions that make me tick.

Happy Friday!


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