I had so much fun with the kids this weekend. This is not something I take for granted. Weekends have always been a tricky thing for me. Historically, after a week at the office, I  look forward with great enthusiasm to the family time together over the weekend. Saturdays are usually pretty busy and it is fun running the kids around town for whatever class or birthday party is going on that day. Sundays are usually much mellower. When faced with a lot of down time at home with the kids and everything I think I should be doing around my house, my anxiety often goes through the roof. I am pleased to report that yesterday I moved through the day with a fair degree of equanimity. I am sure that yesterday was helped by the fact that I have started my new schedule and didn’t have a full Monday workday staring me in the face, but I have also increased my capacity to just “be” with myself and with my kids (in all of our various forms and moods).

I am constantly reminded of how quickly my kids are growing and changing. It is a fact that all parents face. Fortunately, my realization of how fast it all goes really motivates me to continue working on my ability to be present.  Gretchen Rubin (author of The Happiness Project) made a one-minute video called “The Years Are Short” that is a sweet reminder to enjoy the every day moments with our kids.


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