One of the assignments in the the Path Finders class was to do a “vision board.” If you don’t know what that is (I didn’t), a vision board is a collage with images of things you would like to do/happen/manifest in the coming year. I really had fun buying magazines, tearing out pictures, arranging them and gluing them. I enjoy doing art projects (that aren’t too messy) and it was great to work on a collage at the same table where my kids were eating snack or working on their homework.

The toughest part of doing the vision board was actually going through the magazines. The first issue (no pun intended) was that I don’t have a good relationship with magazine reading. I am very susceptible to feeling like I don’t measure up to the images in the magazine (i.e., my clothes aren’t good enough, my body isn’t good enough, my house isn’t good enough, etc.). No matter that I tell myself that the images are fictional, air-brushed, styled or otherwise not real life, I end up feeling anxious and down on myself when I read most magazines. The second issue was that I was afraid to pull out images that seemed too fantastic or too much of a departure from my current life (like a picture of a really large and wonderfully landscaped backyard) because I had the sense that I would be setting myself up for disappointment if I didn’t realize that vision. Of course, the point is to find images that are representative and inspirational, but I had to fight with my impulse to be very literal about the images I chose.

Despite my magazine travails, once I had a stack of torn-out pages, I was extremely satisfied with the images I had chosen. It took me a while to narrow them down and arrange them in a way that was visually appealing to me, but once I got it and glued them down, I was honestly thrilled (as in way more thrilled than seems appropriate from putting together a collage). I loved the way the images all fit together and the way they felt like they represented parts of me.

The final instruction for our vision boards was to choose a “word of the year.” This word is supposed to act as a guiding concept throughout the year. I guess this would have to constitute my second most difficult part of doing the vision board. It took me a full 24 hours to settle on a word that felt like it fit. The finalists were: Intuition, Heart and Breathe. I finally talked it through with David and decided on “Breathe” since breathing is the precursor to accessing my heart and intuition. In addition to literal inhaling and exhaling, there are lots of great definitions of “Breathe,” such as “to pause; to take rest,” “to move gently,” “to express; manifest.” I then wrote “Breathe” in large letters on my board and added some quotes about breathing that appealed to me.

So that’s it. Pictures below! (Oh, I guess I should mention that I hated using the term “vision board” because it seems very new-agey and hokey, but several times now I have mentioned to friends that I had a lot of fun working on a collage with images of what I want over the next year and they responded “Oh, a vision board!” So I am giving in and using the name.)


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  1. i didn’t know the term vision board but about fifteen yrs ago a friend and i painted together and each made a small canvas with words and drawings of what we wanted to come into our lives..and years later i came upon it again and couldn’t believe, but could, how much had come true. I think it’s time for another..thanks for the insoiration

  2. Thanks Ali. It makes me both nervous and excited to imagine that these things might come true!

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