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I am in such a period of transition right now. The move from working 40-50 hours to working 10 – 15 hours has changed so much more than just how many hours I am at the office. It’s like I can feel the individual cells in my body dying off and being replaced with new growth. Mostly I guess it feels like the controlling cells are giving way to the “Let’s just move forward and see what happens” cells. It’s often frightening and uncomfortable because I feel like I’m headed into uncharted waters and part of me feels like I’m going to crash headlong into an iceberg at any moment (brief mental image of Leo DiCaprio sinking under the water). But then I wake up the next morning and I’m still here wondering if this supposed change is just in my imagination or if all of this adventure and love and possibility I sense is going to stick around.

I love this quote from the The Way of Action:

“. . .subtly, indescribably, the [wo]man is not as [s]he was before. All things are seen as new; they are as they were, but the seeing is different. And the difference lies in the fusion of the [wo]man and the awakening.”

I like the idea that the things around me haven’t actually changed, it is my viewpoint that has changed.


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