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This past Wednesday I had a pretty intense and emotional experience (as I described in my previous post “Jump”). As if by design, I followed this up on Thursday with another notable experience of an entirely different nature. My friend Noa and I treated ourselves to a shopping trip with Tiffany Wendel. Tiffany is the stylist who reorganized my closet and put together outfits for me back in the spring. The term “shopping trip” doesn’t sufficiently described yesterday’s outing. It was more of a fairy tale . . . complete with glass slippers.

    My Shopping Fairy Tale

Chapter 1: Tiffany spent 2 hours doing a “pre-shop” for us at four different stores in The Grove.

Chapter 2: Noa and I arrived in the women’s shoe department at Nordstrom at noon and found Tiffany seated among throngs of shoes that she had pre-selected for us and had pulled in our size. I loved every pair she chose for me and I felt like a princess (or at least a movie star). I got to try on all of these shoes without having to browse, narrow down, find someone to help me, get my size and then wonder if what I’ve chosen is actually even cute. Once we had narrowed our selections, Tiffany had us take pictures of them on our phones and asked the store to hold them. This way we could defer our decisions until after we had hit all the stores, refined our “look” and decided how to manage our respective budgets.

Chapter 3: We zoomed around The Grove trying on pre-selected items at Nordstrom, Zara, JCrew and Barney’s Co-op. Clothes were flying as we laughed and dressed and modeled for each other. Tiffany was a genius at finding the gems among the hundreds and hundreds of items on the racks. My trust in her instincts allowed me to push the envelope and take fashion risks (ha ha) that I never would have considered otherwise. It was so much FUN!

Chapter 4: After the frenzy was complete, we stepped back, looked at all the pictures (including the “big picture”) and made our final decisions. I kissed Noa and Tiffany good-bye and went to make my purchases. I confess, I had a last-minute panic about what I was spending and dropped 5 or 6 items off my list (Tiffany, if you’re reading this, I passed on the Vince leggings, but I KNOW it was a mistake and I’m going to buy them on-line this weekend).

Chapter 5: I went to my car self-consciously lugging some very large and heavy bags and feeling the guilt and anxiety start to creep into my chest. Did I really just spend that much in two hours? People are starving and homeless, how could I go buy new clothes? I just took a big pay cut, what business do I have going shopping? Am I just superficial and greedy? I called David on my cell phone and he talked me down. He told me that it was fine, that he was glad I had had such a great time, that he would definitely let me know if he ever thought I was being irresponsible or excessive and that he wanted me to feel taken care of (That was the part of the fairy tale where Prince Charming came to my rescue).

The end


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  1. Loved your fairy tale!

  2. sounds dreamy!

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