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For the past 4 days, I have noticed with a combination of skepticism and amazement that my solar plexus has stayed relaxed and open since my session with Catalina. I keep waiting for something to trigger the familiar adrenaline bursts, the clenching, the contracting or the sinking feelings in my stomach. I have had plenty of triggers in the last four days (kid outbursts, work stress, time pressures, etc.), but when I place my hand just below my ribs, I only feel softness and a faint trace of my heart beat pulsing throughout my stomach. With my solar plexus out of the game, my chest has taken on full responsibility for carrying around my fear and anxiety. I feel the area just behind my sternum buzz with nervous energy and heat and threat. Can we break that up in one session, the way we did with my solar plexus? Or is there more work that has to be done before my chest will be ready to let go? However it plays out, it is delightful to imagine the experience of feeling that peacefulness throughout my abdomen.


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