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Well, it didn’t take long for my new “fully express my wants” paradigm to get tested.

I have known for a while that my next house project will be to transform our playroom into a study/hang-out space. The dollhouse, the play kitchen and the Thomas the Tank Engine table will retire (sigh), making way for a homework table and a reading corner. I’ve been looking at catalogs, magazines and websites trying to find just the right chairs or cushions for the reading corner. I keep imagining something low and casual, super comfortable, yet still attractive — a sitting area that invites you to sip a cup of tea, curl up with a book or chat with friends. Beanbags are too formless, but most chairs or loveseats are too structured.

This past Friday, my daughter and I were driving down Beverly Blvd. on our way to the pediatrician — past all the furniture stores where I imagine the saying “If you have to ask, you can’t afford it” is fully applicable. As we were stopped at a red light, I glanced over and saw the perfect cushion/chairs. I didn’t even know whether they existed outside of my imagination, but there they were! After the doctor’s appointment, I made a bee line for the furniture store.

Sure enough. They are exactly what I have been imagining AND they look like they were pulled RIGHT OFF MY COLLAGE!!! Predictably, they are at least 3 – 4 times what I was considering spending on seating for the reading corner.

This type of practicality (too expensive!!!) would typically cause me to move on as quickly as possible (to mitigate the disappointment) from something that I absolutely LOVE. So now what!?! On the one hand, I want to give myself permission to really reach for what I want–particularly as I develop and express my aesthetic at home. On the other hand, we’re not exactly in the “price is no object” tax bracket.

The answer I’ve arrived at (for today) is that I’m not at the point in my creative process (ha! are lawyers are allowed to have a creative process?) where I rule anything out. I’m just going to continue to sketch out this room remodel without regard to price or practicalities. Once I have the entire vision laid out, we can play with a budget and how to make it work. Maybe I could find those seats secondhand, maybe I could have something made that is similar or maybe we decide that those seats are worth blowing our budget over (I mean, who really needs to eat 3 meals a day?). The bottom line is that there are plenty of possibilities, as long as I can give my creativity some room to breathe before I start ruling things out.


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  1. Love the couch!

  2. Ha! I have been drooling over the Roche Bobois Mah Jong couch for at LEAST 12 years. I saw that they were celebrating their 40th anniversary and I had to force myself not to stop in. I think you could have those cushions made for a fraction of the price, but then again, their fabric is to die for. Super, double, sigh….

    • Oh! You understand the exquisite agony!! It was kind of fun walking in there and sitting on them and acting as though I was someone who would drop that kind of money on a couch without breaking a sweat.


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