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“In for a penny, in for a pound” — That’s what I always say. . . Well, actually, I don’t know if I’ve ever said that phrase, but apparently I should start!!

Back in September, David and I started “thinking about thinking about” getting a dog for our family. I emailed a Labradoodle breeder inquiring about the possibility of buying one of her adult dogs (two of my close friends have adopted really sweet Labradoodle puppies from this breeder). I didn’t hear back from her.

Two weeks ago, we surprised ourselves by adopting our rescue, Sinjin. So I figured a Labradoodle wasn’t in the cards for us — until a week ago when I got an email from this same breeder asking me if we were interested in a 7 month old dog!!

My first reaction was “Oh well. Too late. We already got our dog.” But there was something in me that just wouldn’t let it go. I emailed her back and asked her to send me a picture and tell me a little bit more about him. I knew we would never go through with it, but it was fun to let my imagine run a little wild. She sent me a couple of adorable pictures and described him as a fun-loving dog with a great personality who adored children and other dogs. This only fueled my fantasy (I have children AND another dog . . . it must be fate!!).

Then I brought the topic up to David, feeling confident that he would quickly knock some sense into me and save me from myself. Nope. My dear husband thought for a moment and said “Sure. Why not? What the heck!!”

So Saturday afternoon we took a road trip to Bakersfield and brought home Trooper.

I keep waiting for the other emotional shoe to drop (or get chewed up) — for the moment when I completely lose my sanity. To be sure, there have been a number of Calgon moments as we all adjust to a new and undeniably chaotic set of circumstances. But when that voice inside of me starts to scream “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THIS,” I have been able to hit the pause button — for just a few moments — while I look around and notice that, aside from a little extra noise and mess, everything is really, really good. After those few moments, that panicked voice retreats back to wherever it came from and I’m left feeling downright content.


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  1. I have a white dog too. Callie is white…Pablo is the only dog of color in our family! Ha, Ha! When we get together, we will have 4 dogs. I think this will be fun! Can’t wait to meet your 2 new ‘children’.


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