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Three words: Explosive Dog Diarrhea. Now you know how we have spent the last 5 days. The canine honeymoon is definitely over — barking, pooping and dog fights are now the focal points of our winter vacation. We ordered the book “The Dog Listener,” which should arrive today. We also have a trainer scheduled to meet with us next Friday. Hopefully, we will be able to establish some routines and our pack hierarchy in time for everyone to go back to work and school!

Yesterday, I took a moment out of my dog haze and drove to Santa Monica pier for a beautiful afternoon of flying with my friend Maile.


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  1. Bow Wow! You’re really getting good!!!

  2. Glad you got a break and went flying. Sorry the honeymoon is over. My dog, who for 21/2 months has not had an ‘accident’ in the house, pooped and peed 3 times in the dining room in the last couple of days. Not sure what that is about! Ugh! Got to watch him more carefully I guess!!


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