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Last night, I had a girls night with Lauren and her sister, Ali. Ali moved to Australia a couple of years ago, so these evenings are rare and we really make the most of them. This time we started with eyebrow threading and mani-pedis, then had a delicious dinner at The Local Peasant (although our feet were freezing because we had to keep our flip-flops on while our toes dried), stopped off at The Coral Tree for a cup of tea (or “cuppa” as they say in Australia) and finally ended up sitting by the fire at Lauren’s. Of course, the various activities and locations were merely the set dressing for the main event, which was (obviously!) getting to talk and catch up for hours on end.

Girls nights are really it for me (well . . . next to girls weekends, which are really just girls nights on steroids). They are touchstones that fuel me with love, support, reflection and companionship. To Lauren, Ali and my others girls-nighters out there (and you know who you are): thank you for a ritual that is such a wonderful and essential part of my life.


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  1. love the pic..loved girls night…seriously, you say it so well when you write that it fuels you…just how i feel, a bit of a fill up for my heart and soul…until the next one.


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