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After reveling in the near perfection of my life yesterday, I guess the universe decided to remind me who’s in charge. This morning I let the dogs out right before I left for work, only to step in dog doo doo and get it all over my shoe and pant leg. After spending 45 minutes cleaning up and changing clothes, I finally got in my car to go to work — but my car wouldn’t start. Now I’m trying to call the auto club to tow my car to the dealership and none of the auto club phone numbers will go through.

Ok. Ok. I get it. I’m not in control!

Switching gears. Looks like I might be working from home today.

(P.S. I still love my life!)

Update: My husband is awesome. He got through to the auto club on-line. He ordered the tow truck. He made an appointment at Toyota. And he arranged for me to be taken to the rental car place. I’m feeling so well taken care of!!!


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