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This week, I tried on a pair of motorcycle boots. I loved them. They were made of rich, brown leather. They smelled good. I really wanted to buy them . . . but they were expensive. So I thought about them for a couple of days, weighed the pros and cons, evaluated how they fit into my wardrobe, asked people whose opinions I trusted and then thought about them some more. Finally, I reached a decision today. But I’m not even going to tell you what it was. Because, once I made that decision, it hit me (I mean really hit me) that the terrible thing wasn’t spending too much money, on the one hand, or missing out on something I wanted, on the other hand. The tragedy was that I spent all that time thinking about boots.


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  1. come on…tell

  2. i love your conclusion, and the ability to see the tragic-ness that we all experience of putting so much thought into things that don’t deserve the attention, or at least that much! Still, you’ve gotta let us know your decision!!! xoxo


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