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Yesterday was great. I wasn’t trying to solve any problems, so I was able to think and talk about places where I can take more risk, be more vulnerable and be truer to myself. I know that all sounds very conceptual, but the details behind those statements include letting go of ALWAYS trying to make the “right” decision when there really is no such thing (e.g., whether or not to buy the boots), empowering David’s career growth from a place of inspiration instead of fear, and interacting with others without trying to figure out how they are experiencing me.

Today would normally be an office day for me, but I’m headed downtown for jury duty. The last time I was juror, I served as foreperson on a gang murder trial (while pumping breast milk for my younger daughter). It was extremely interesting and I was moved by how committed each and every juror was to uncovering the truth and making a just decision. That being said, I won’t be terribly disappointed if I make it out without getting empaneled today. But I refuse to lie to get out of service — aside from the basic integrity issues, I AM an attorney (you know, officer of the court and all that).

So off I go to do my civic duty. And for those of you who inquired . . . I am wearing my new boots today.

While I am enjoying them a great deal, I understand more than ever that they are utterly irrelevant.


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