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My latest TED discovery (which has over a million views, so it’s not exactly my discovery) is Shawn Achor’s talk entitled “The Happy Secret to Better Work.” Essentially, Shawn explains (while speaking very quickly!!) that our level of contentment is dramatically affected by how our brain perceives our circumstances, rather than the actual circumstances themselves.

Now I don’t really think this is a secret. I have believed in this concept for quite some time. I have watched it play out for good and bad in my own life and the lives of those around me. But I do enjoy hearing that there is empirical data to back-up ideas that I may have previously taken on faith (another example being Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability).

Shawn even gives a prescription for increasing your brain’s proclivity toward positive interpretations. It’s not rocket science (it includes such stand-by’s as gratitude, exercise and meditation), but he does give specific direction, as well as compelling arguments behind his recommendations.

I’m extremely interested in putting his particular formula into practice and seeing what I discover.



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