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It’s Oscar night and I’m not watching. I can’t actually remember the last time I watched the Academy Awards. I am sure it’s a breach of the entertainment lawyer code of ethics, but I’m truly not interested. I’ll enjoy looking at the red carpet pictures tomorrow, but that’s about it.

Unlike many professionals who end up in one end or another of the movie business, I am absolutely not a cinephile. I cannot recite movie lines, tell you who directed what or opine about styles of filmmaking. I do, however, truly enjoy watching movies . . . even many bad ones. I don’t notice story structure or camera angles and often I have only the most tenuous hold on the actual plot. Mostly, I just notice how the characters feel and how they make me feel.

In the Wall Street Journal today (I confess that I don’t regularly read WSJ or any paper these days, but I’m a reliable reader of links from trusted friends!), there is an interesting essay by Holly Finn which discusses the science behind the appeal of movies. It turns out that there is a scientific explanation for the way movies serve as vacations for our brains. They are a proven antidote to rapid-fire-instant-gratification bursts of content and communication. No wonder movies feel like such a treat.

I hope you enjoy reading Holly’s article. And, before I go, I’d like to thank my friends, my family and my adoring fans for the many ways in which they have helped make this post possible.


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  1. I watched it tonight and really enjoyed it!
    BTW your are welcome!
    From one of your many fans!


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