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I had SO much fun this past Friday. I went on a shopping spree with the inimitable (which is funny to say, since I copy her all the time) and totally delightful stylist and fashion blogger Tiffany Wendel.

This was my second shopping trip with Tiffany (you can read about my first one HERE and you may notice a theme emerging). This outing was even more fun than the first. Tiffany and I know each other better now and we were able to zero in on a number of things that were just right and made me feel amazing. At one point, Tiffany even said “I think we’ve found the Lindsey look!”

I normally go into a bit of a panic after I buy clothes. For me Money=Anxiety, especially if I’m spending on myself. However, my husband is very calm and rational about money and I have really started to trust in him as my financial barometer. So tonight, David and I had the following conversation:

Me: “I really think I spent too much on Friday.”
Him: “You know you were destined to say that at some point, right?” (He said this because on Friday I had bragged to him that I wasn’t worrying about how much I spent. Ha.)
Me: “Yes. I guess so, but this time I think I really might have overdone it.”
Him: “Are you wanting to tell me the amount? Because I really don’t need to hear it . . . unless you need absolution.”
Me: [exasperated sigh] “But I’m not working full-time and how am I going to know how much is too much?”
Him: “You’ll know it’s too much when our account balances reflect that it’s too much and we’re not even close to having that problem. You’re not going to do us in right now with one shopping trip.”
Me: “I can’t believe you never get nervous when I say these things to you.”
Him: [Smile]
Me: “Well . . . after all . . . it is my birthday and our anniversary and Mother’s Day this month. And last year I spent way more money celebrating my 40th.”
Him: “Are you now competing with yourself from last year?”
Me: “I guess so.”
Him: “Do you know what you say every time I buy you something for your birthday or anniversary or Mother’s Day?”
Me: “No.”
Him: “You tell me I spent too much on you.”
Me: “Oh yeah. That’s true.”
Him: [Smile]

So there you have it folks. My husband wants me to enjoy being taken care of and doesn’t think I should worry about how much I spend. I can’t decide whether to feel terrified or ecstatic. I guess I’m stuck with both. And thank goodness David is willing to have the same conversation with me over and over (and over and over and over). Because I’m not sure how long it’s going to take this one to sink in.

Here are some pictures from my dreamy day with Tiffany and my dear friend Melanie.


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