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I had SO much fun this past Friday. I went on a shopping spree with the inimitable (which is funny to say, since I copy her all the time) and totally delightful stylist and fashion blogger Tiffany Wendel. more…



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So far . . .a little better. I have had several moments during the days since my last post when David or one of the kids has done something frustrating and have I felt myself start to descend into that darker, more victimized place. In most of these cases, I have felt it start to happen (it literally feels like a trickle of hot lava that starts in my throat and flows into my stomach) and I’ve caught myself by thinking: “This is it! This is me going into upset.” more…


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I was, of course, nervous about sending my blog out to a wider audience. I have had a few moments of minor panic over the last few days — moments where I realized that I had opened up my innermost thoughts and feelings to hundreds of people. more…


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I have been writing this blog since June of 2011. I started it because I was heading into a major transition and I wanted to have a way to process and share that experience. In addition (and probably more importantly), I wanted to have a platform where I could work on my ability to communicate authentically without trying to edit out the places where I feel vulnerable (weak, weird, desperate . . . I could go on). more…


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After feeling ambivalent for quite some time, I have finally decided to retire from the flying trapeze. more…


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Yesterday, David and I had our annual face-to-face meeting with our financial advisor. The meeting followed its normal format – we bring him up to date on our income and expenses and he talks to us about our investments, etc. Nonetheless, I have had a pit in my stomach ever since. more…


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My latest TED discovery (which has over a million views, so it’s not exactly my discovery) is Shawn Achor’s talk entitled “The Happy Secret to Better Work.” Essentially, Shawn explains (while speaking very quickly!!) that our level of contentment is dramatically affected by how our brain perceives our circumstances, rather than the actual circumstances themselves.

Now I don’t really think this is a secret. I have believed in this concept for quite some time. I have watched it play out for good and bad in my own life and the lives of those around me. But I do enjoy hearing that there is empirical data to back-up ideas that I may have previously taken on faith (another example being Brene Brown’s talk on vulnerability).

Shawn even gives a prescription for increasing your brain’s proclivity toward positive interpretations. It’s not rocket science (it includes such stand-by’s as gratitude, exercise and meditation), but he does give specific direction, as well as compelling arguments behind his recommendations.

I’m extremely interested in putting his particular formula into practice and seeing what I discover.