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I had SO much fun this past Friday. I went on a shopping spree with the inimitable (which is funny to say, since I copy her all the time) and totally delightful stylist and fashion blogger Tiffany Wendel. more…



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After feeling ambivalent for quite some time, I have finally decided to retire from the flying trapeze. more…


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Good morning. It’s a beautiful not-full-time Monday morning. I dropped 2 of the kids at school and took the 3rd to the orthodontist. Now I’m back at home wondering what I’m going to do with my morning. Of course, I am always feeling the pull that I could do some legal work to fill the time, but that’s too predictable and that’s not growth. I’m continuing to work on dismantling my need to be “productive” during any time period in which I don’t have any external demands.

Later today I’m heading to a trapeze class with my friend Maile. Flying trapeze is my absolute favorite activity and I completely dread going every time. more…


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Flying back from Jackson, we had a very frustrating experience with our luggage. Essentially, United Airlines left 5 or 6 suitcases in Jackson (including one of ours) because they exceeded their cargo weight requirement. Rather than let us know that they had intentionally left our bag behind, they let us wait for over an hour in baggage claim while they kept telling us it would show up at any moment. We finally gave up and went home, only to be startled awake at 1:30 AM (!!!) by our dogs frantically barking at the luggage delivery man knocking at our front door. In honor of this experience, I thought I would post a couple of popular odes (or laments) to United Airlines baggage handlers. These remind me that our experience was actually relatively painless. more…


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We spent the last five days in Jackson, Wyoming — skiing, snowboarding, drinking hot chocolate and having snowball fights. Our annual trip to the snow has become a very special family tradition. more…


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This is me. The second car in the after-school carpool line. Ahhh, my new life. It’s not perfect, but it feels pretty darn close sometimes.


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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my doggies gave to me:

12 Blue Poop Bags
11 Loads of Laundry
10 Hours of Barking
9 Dog Treat Flavors
8 Calls to the Trainer
7 (Hundred) Dog Fights
6 Total Meltdowns
5 Soiled Rugs
4 Different Leashes
3 Baby Gates
2 Canine Prescriptions
1 Mom-who-wonders-what-she-and-her-husband-could-possibly-have-been-thinking-when-they-decided-to-adopt-two-dogs-in-the-space-of-two-weeks-over-winter-break-and-is-doing-her-best-to-take-one-day-and-one-mess-at-a-time-knowing-that-one-way-or-another-they’ll-eventually-get-through-this-and-someday-they-may-even-be-able-to-look-back-and-laugh . . .in a pear tree.