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On the Twelfth Day of Christmas my doggies gave to me:

12 Blue Poop Bags
11 Loads of Laundry
10 Hours of Barking
9 Dog Treat Flavors
8 Calls to the Trainer
7 (Hundred) Dog Fights
6 Total Meltdowns
5 Soiled Rugs
4 Different Leashes
3 Baby Gates
2 Canine Prescriptions
1 Mom-who-wonders-what-she-and-her-husband-could-possibly-have-been-thinking-when-they-decided-to-adopt-two-dogs-in-the-space-of-two-weeks-over-winter-break-and-is-doing-her-best-to-take-one-day-and-one-mess-at-a-time-knowing-that-one-way-or-another-they’ll-eventually-get-through-this-and-someday-they-may-even-be-able-to-look-back-and-laugh . . .in a pear tree.